Marguerita Island, Venezuela


Incorporate Unique Natural Amenities

1. Views of the Sea

2. Beaches

3. Rocky shorelines

4. Arroyos arido

5. Diverse topography

6. Grove of large cactus (over 100 years old)

“Borrowed landscape” (mountains in background)


Develop a Conceptual Approach to the Property

1. Retain “spirit” of the land

2.Seashore village with discrete neighborhoods and social center

3. Layout based primarily on physiography, proximity to the sea and setback requirements

4. Build on high ground

5. Retain low areas and swales for drainage and as natural amenities

6. Show sympathetic relationship between buildings and topography

7. Consider relationship between buildings and sky (absorbtion)

8. Retain vegetated visual buffers, especially along the perimeter of the property

9. Consider viewsheds

10. Consider long-term maintenance costs



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