Pasadena, California


This beautiful mid-century modern home on a steeply-sloping street at the edge of an historic arroyo needed a complete overhaul at the front of the property, re-conditioning of the central courtyard, and enhancements to the pool area.


Several elegant site walls were installed to provide a sense of levelness at the front of the property, and all lawn was eliminated.  A simple palette of plantings was used with enough variety to provide year-round color.  Use of drought-tolerant plants lowered the water bill considerably.  With a beautiful olive tree as focal point, Mediterranean plants were used but with modern application.


The courtyard was completely re-done.  All plantings except a Japanese Black Pine were removed, and the slope was terraced to strengthen the sense of occupied space.  A small patio was incorporated in the courtyard suitable for a morning coffee and newspaper or intimate gatherings with friends.


The swimming pool area was enhanced with pots of succulents, a Nagami Kumquat and orchids.  The existing large pines were selectively pruned to improve their form.


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