Wayzata, Minnesota


Maple Crest is a residential subdivision involving the purchase of three adjacent lots which were combined and then re-parceled as four.  Although the three existing homes had historical significance, none were salvagable, and the City agreed that they could be demolished provided they were replaced with new homes of a character appropriate to this affluent community near Lake Minnetonka.


After schematic floor plans were conceived, a master plan was developed to show selective tree demolition, placement of the four new cottages, a grading and drainage strategy, individual lot layouts, plantings, and stairways to the public-right-of-way at the bottom of a slope.


All proposed improvements were based on principles of sustainability, including preservation of wildlife habitat, geothermal heat, rain gardens, use of certified wood, native plantings, no lawn or irrigation system, and suspended decks, walkways and stairs to minimize disturbance of the forest floor.


The end result is an environment conceived in harmony with nature with minimal impact on natural systems.

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